7 Challenges of Hosting Virtual and Hybrid Events

June 03, 2020 by Patrick VanDusen

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Can you imagine not being able to watch football games from the convenience of your couch? Leadership at one point was fearful that television broadcasts would hurt in-person attendance and overall revenue. But adding virtual access to live games has paid off; the NFL is set to generate $58.1 billion between the 2014 and 2022 seasons from broadcast contracts. Is it time to consider adding virtual access to other live entertainment, education, and business events? 

Event organizers, meeting planners, event producers, speakers, coaches, and trade associations are struggling with the dilemma of adapting their events, converting them to virtual, or launching a hybrid model. These professionals are swamped ensuring they satisfy the expectations of their sponsors, generate enough ticket revenue, and create a unique and valuable experience for their attendees. They are also tasked with rescheduling venues, hiring A/V companies, and now they also need to evaluate technology platforms for live streaming and hosting recorded videos. 

With hosting virtual or hybrid content, event professionals are concerned about: 

1. protecting their content and brand image
2. hosting multiple live streams and video
3. creating a pay wall and processing payments
4. managing multiple tech platforms and complicated technology
5. paying for the upfront costs of adding virtual components
6. promoting their virtual tickets to a national audience
7. using additional platforms to sell in-person registrations

Virtual and hybrid (combination of in-person and virtual attendance) events are uncharted territory for most event-related companies. Alternatively, the ViewStub platform was built specifically to address these challenges for event organizers and producers. 

ViewStub is an all-in-one hybrid solution for in-person and virtual event ticketing that is simple for low-tech users. You can use ViewStub for face-to-face event registration and check-ins, while hosting multiple video streams and pre-recorded videos behind a paywall on your website. Sell your tickets and products, upsell and bundle packages, promote sponsors, process payments, and market your event. Event professionals using ViewStub have increased their revenue, reached new audiences, generated more views and value for their sponsors than ever before, and sold more products. They were able to sell tickets even after their venue was sold out and to sell access to the content after the event was over. 

For example, ViewStub has helped industry coaches like Steve Patrick transition from in-person conventional masterminds to a fully virtual coaching experience. In just two virtual events with ViewStub, Steve was able to generate over $77,000 in total revenue. ViewStub is now in the process of helping Steve shift his experience back to a hybrid model. While continuing to sell virtual access to his mastermind, Steve will be handling all of his in-person ticketing and registrations through ViewStub. A true one-stop shop. 

What’s unique about ViewStub is how simple the platform is to use and how low risk it is to get started. ViewStub also has a robust analytics solution that allows event organizers to track and analyze the ROI of their marketing spend, agency and influencer performance, and double down on what’s working to drive sales and attendance. You can incentivize affiliates to convert their networks and pay for referrals out of your ticket revenue: speakers, influencers, exhibitors, promoters, vendors, sponsors, and attendees. You can offer custom promotions like “sell 3 tickets, get 1 ticket for free.” And if you are interested, the ViewStub platform can also add your event to search engines, event calendars, and event-related newsletters. You can even whitelabel the ticketing and video hosting platform to drive all of this traffic to your own website. When it comes to in-person ticketing, ViewStub has a simple-to-use ticketing system that handles all registrations and check-ins and is compatible with any event software for your badge printing needs. 

Learn more about ViewStub and to set up a demo with a ViewStub Success Rep here.