Journey Mapping 7 Steps to Building a Tribe of Loyal Advocates

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Journey Mapping: 7 Steps to Building a Tribe of Loyal Advocates
The second in our MarketAtomy Customer Journey Mapping Series, this 40-minute interactive educational presentation is designed to help entrepreneurs learn how to build a customer journey filled with micro-moments leading to customer loyalty and ultimately advocacy. These 6 steps highlight the process to gaining a greater understanding of how your customers currently interact and engage with your brand, and how your products or services fit into their lives, schedules, goals, and aspirations.

What attendees will learn:
* How to uncover the SWEET SPOT where Customer Goals and your Own
* How to Identify all of the touchpoints (micro-moments) in the customer journey
* How to recognize the pain points and clarify the underlying issues
* What is needed to confirm that your solution leads to moments of delight
* How to experience the Journey ... Yourself
* How to visualize your Journey Map

** Series begins May 2nd - Plan to attend all sessions! **
May 2 - # 1:
Growing a Sustainable Business THrough Customer Journey Mapping
May 30 - # 3:
Building a Customer Touchpoint Map
June 6 - # 4:
Finding the " Sweet Spot' when Customer Goals and Your Goals Align

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