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9 Tactical Steps Before Executing Another Event Campaign

2020-02-27 18:00:00

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MasterClass 'n' Execution begins with 10 Days of "Pre-Virtual Event" content, assignments, and insights of the Execution Vault and how to apply to your event campaign. On the last day of the segment, Michelle Nicole will host a live recap, deep-dive session with Q&A at 1pm (EST) - replay available for 180 days.

9 Steps Before Executing an Event Campaign:

  1. ✔ Identify Broken Bridges of Your 6 Foundations
  2. ✔ Graduate Chapter #1: Event Strategy & Identify Your 6 W's
  3. ✔ Rank 7 C's of Event ROI
  4. ✔ Map out pre, during, post event customer journey
  5. ✔ NOW list out specific goals based on #2 - #4
  6. ✔ Create KPI's (how you measure and stay accountable) based on your goals
  7. ✔ Finalize clear messaging & marketing material collateral
  8. ✔ Develop the outreach & nurturing foundation strategies
  9. ✔ Create the logistical tasks, assignments, roles and timeline to execute

Each day we dive deeper into the steps for each of these tasks BEFORE you get into the logistics of the event. Let's start with Foundation #1: Event Strategy - then we can further chat about: Logistics, Outreach, Nurturing, Sales & Metrics

What's Included to Learn, Practice, & Execute:

  • ✔ Event Strategy Chapter to Optimize Event Results Workbook
  • ✔ Full Assignment Checklist to Optimize the 6 Foundations
  • ✔ New Content & SWIPE File of Templates, Worksheets, Presentation Decks and more
  • ✔ Implementation Call Replays & Q&A
  • ✔ Facebook Group: Masterminds 'n' Events Community
  • ✔ Event posting, sponsorship and speaker placement
  • ✔ Boost Event SEO placement and market value opportunities
  • ✔ Warm Introductions to Network of Resources & Industry Experts

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