Amplify Kickback Series: Kenyatta Rashon

The show, known as the Amplify Kickback, is part of a series of shows, concerts, and panel discussions centered around the support of community organizations in Washtenaw County. The artists chosen to participate in The Amplify Fellowship will be featured, and the community organization they have chosen to support  will receive part of the proceeds from the ticketed livestream event. 

The Amplify Fellowship is a program sponsored by Leon Speakers and Grove Studios that supports the creative efforts of musicians with recording and engineering costs in exchange for volunteer service to local nonprofits and supportive agencies in the county. Kenyatta, a native of Ypsilanti will participate in March, while Dani Darling and London Beck, both of Ann Arbor, will perform in April and May, respectively. 

This particular event is brought to you by Leon Loft at LeonSpeakers, On-Air Elements, Grove Studios and Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Working together to bring virtual content engaged in the community during the COVID-19 crisis.


Rod Wallace
Amplify Co-Founder
Cherisa Allen
Do You See What I See? LLC
Noah Kaplan
President - Leon Speakers
Kenyatta Rashon

Date and Time

March 20, 2021 7:00pm - 9:00pm (EDT)

Event Location


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