Ballet Journeys - A Weekend with Gavin Larsen (REPLAYS)

“Everyone should dance. Everyone should let their soul sing.”

Literature meets Ballet in an intellectual conversational delight!

Experience what it means to live with dedication and join Ms. Gavin Larsen as she sits with chosen professionals to talk about her book, their reactions to her story, and the life lessons that are embedded in the process of Being A Ballerina.


Thank you for being a part of our event and journey!

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu, Ballet-Journeys Founder & Executive Producer

Bogdan Heretoiu, Arts4Hope Founder & Ballet-Journeys Producer

Guardian Angels & Mentors
Gavin Larsen
Writer, teacher, and former professional ballet dancer.
Dena Abergel
NYCB Children's Repertory Director SAB Ballet Faculty
Cherilyn J. Lee
Ballet Herald Editor-In-Chief & Founder
Steven Houser
Grand Rapids Ballet - Dancer / Assistant Ballet Master
Josh Spell
Mental Health Therapist & Social Worker
The Quiner Sisters
Priyana Acharya
Company Artist Oregon Ballet Theater
Jasmine Parente
Student, The HARID Conservatory
Dominika Afanasenkov
Student, School of American Ballet
Philip Duclos
Student, Philip Duclos School of American Ballet
Iris Schriener
Student, Ballet Conservatory of Asheville
Jonah Bell
Student, Ballet Conservatory of Asheville
Catrina Choate-Heretoiu
Ballet-Journey & SomaStudies Founder

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