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CashFlow Freedom Live Conference

November 7, 2019—November 9, 2019


Friday 11/8

9:00AM - 12:00PM ~ Conference Meeting

1:00AM - 5:00PM  ~ Conference Meeting

Saturday 11/9

9:00AM - 12:00PM ~ Conference Meeting

1:00AM - 5:00PM  ~ Conference Meeting

Join the CashFlow DadLife team for a life changing strategic and fun event!

The 2019 Cash Flow Freedom LIVE Conference is designed to show you how to get from ZERO to your FIRST REAL ESTATE DEAL, no matter what your situation is.  And then from your FIRST DEAL to REPLACING your WORKING INCOME with PASSIVE REAL ESTATE INCOME within a year.

2-Day Educational Conference Program with Focus on Real Estate Strategies that will give you Cash Flow Freedom and Passive Income

Deep Dive into Wholesaling, Single Family Portfolio Building, Flipping, and Long Term Apartments.

What would you do if money didn’t matter? Most people can imagine a life of going where they want, spending time with who they want, and are free to pursue their dreams.  Unfortunately, money can sometimes get in the way of most people living their lives from 500 feet up but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

CashFlow DadLife is here to help people who can serve the world better if they weren’t tied down by a job.  Lots of successful investors have found us, many of them now are financially free through generous real estate investing. 

Your Path to Successful Results

Picking the right real estate strategy for your specific situation.

How to get your first real estate deal done in less than 90 days

Reverse engineering your goals so that you can replace your working income in a year or less with the right real estate strategy.

Designing your desired life with your family with purpose.

Step 5: IMPACT
Giving back to your community and serving others.

Our Story...

CashFlow DadLife was founded by Ryan Enk and Preston Dellinger.  

Ryan is a husband, a father of 5 boys, the host of the CashFlow DadLife podcast and author of the best selling book "The 7 Day Real Estate Survival Blueprint: How to Create $10,000 Out of Nothing in Less Than 30 Days". Ryan went from nothing but overdraft fees in his bank account and a job that he hated, to using real estate to break free from the 9 to 5 and design a life for his family that he wanted. Ryan has invested in real estate for the past 15 years doing anything from wholesaling, to single family portfolio building, co-working, indoor sports arenas, Rolling Real Estate (RVs), Airbnbs, small apartments, and big multi family.  And he has mentored countless students into picking and executing the right strategy that helped them retire on passive income real estate.

Although Preston Dellinger has mainly been behind the scenes with CashFlow DadLife, he is the expert on large multi family property acquisitions, and has helped multiple students create 6 figure situations with apartment investing and with his MultiFamily Fast Lane Training program. He also currently oversees CFDL Capital's real estate acquisitions. Preston lives in South Carolina with his wife and baby daughter.

Fun Facts About the Conference Leaders

  • Ryan has lived in 7 different states growing up.
  • Ryan has opened 2 multi million dollar indoor sports arenas that have had visits from Matthew McConaughey, Drew Brees, Sean Peyton, Woody Harrelson, and Anthony Davis
  • Ryan "accidentally" bought a yacht at the Civil Sheriff foreclosure sale, and lives on the river with his family.
  • Ryan plays in an over 30 fat guys soccer league.
  • Preston likes trucker hats
  • Preston started investing in real estate straight out of college
  • Preston likes fishing more than most things in life.
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November 07, 2019 2:00pm (UTC) -
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