Best Beginners Friendly Sewing Projects You Should Keep Doing

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Best Beginners Friendly Sewing Projects You Should Keep Doing


As a beginner sewer, one has to go through a lot of challenges even when they are learning or doing some sort of projects on their best first sewing machine to take one step towards advancement every day. If you try to jump to the advanced level project even from the beginning then you will be left behind and won’t be able to analyze small details.

We have come up with some of the simple projects you can attempt at a beginning level with ease. These projects are easy to prepare as well as you will learn lots of things about sewing from each project.


Kids Play Mat:

Kids Play Mat


If you love to prepare projects with the funky theme then this project is just the right choice for you to attempt. Kids play mat can be fun to sew and you will learn in this project how to make an invisible seam with perfection. Just sew a square according to your kid's play area and then fill it with cotton. You can add a zipper or other closures as well to make it a more detail-oriented project.


Night Gown:

A nightgown is also an easiest and beginner’s level project to attempt as it requires no designing and you simply have to use a sewing machine. One thing you will learn from this project is how to ruffle a garment with neatness and how to make flair of any dress you are designing. Nightgown doesn’t require fittings so you can easily sew it in a few hours as you want.


Maxi Skirt:

Maxi skirt can be your first project that requires designing and you will enjoy sewing it as it can help you in learning so many technical things about sewing. You need accurate measurements for sewing a skirt as well as you have to learn how to design a belt of the skirt by using the best coverstitch machine to secure every stitch in a fabric.


A Cross-Body Bag:

A cross-body bag can be your hard-working project as it requires several closures and pockets designing as well. You also have to add a strap in the bag and any embellishments if you want to. This can be an interesting project for any sewer who wants to elevate their sewing game and who is willing to move on to the next level of designing bags.


Flannel Scarves:

Flannel Scarves


If you love scarves then this can be your favorite project of all the time because it doesn’t require too much effort and you can even gift this to someone. The steps are too easy to sew this but in the end, this project can impress anyone in your sewing community.



If you own a good sewing machine for your beginner’s level then you should understand it’s setting mechanism as well to adjust it according to your projects. If you don’t have one then read the best sewing machine for beginners reviews to invest in the right product for your work. These beginner projects will just not make you a good sewer but it can polish your skills with every project.

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