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How To Install Tiles For Kitchen Countertop: Eleven Steps Guide For DIYers

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of patterns for making a durable kitchen countertop. DIY homeowners can install them if they know how to do it correctly. It will ultimately save their money on installation costs. This article includes a comprehensive guide with all essential steps to install tiles for kitchen countertops like professional masons.

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Step 1- Apply Thin Set

Before attaching the backer board, you need to mix the modified thin-set according to the specifications. Once mixed, you can use a notched trowel for applying it to the plywood. However, work with the flat end of the trowel for pushing the set over the plywood. Furthermore, use the notched side to comb and get a uniform thickness.

Step 2- Put Backer Board

After creating a uniform thickness, put the backer board panels on the thin-set and plywood.

Step 3- Screw Backer Board

After finishing step two, you need to screw the backer board into the plywood using 6-inch or 8-inch backer board screws. Make sure that you screw all edges and in the center field accurately.

Step 4- Tape All Joints

You would have to tape joints of the field after adhering down the backer board. In this regard, experts recommend that it is better to use an alkali-resistant backer board tape. After applying the thin-set into the joints, you can tape on the top and push it with a trowel.

Step 5- Dry Run Tiles

Before tiling the countertop, attach an apron and dry run the tiles by leaving a grout joint.

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Step 6- Measure & Mark Chalk Line

After finishing the above step, measure the counter and chalk the lines accordingly. You can use a pencil to mark chalk lines. It will enable you to determine the right size of tiles. After measuring, you can cut the tiles according to your countertop.

Step 7- Mark & Cut Tiles

Use a ruler to mark the tiles correctly according to your needed sizes. After finishing the marking process, use a wet saw to cut the tiles precisely and quickly.

Step 8- Wet Backer Board

Now, wet the backer board before applying the thin-set. In this regard, you can use a damp sponge to cover all areas effectively.

Step 9- Place First Tile

Now, back butter the tile and place it on the countertop. In this regard, you need to install tiles at the apex of the L. Moreover, solely use the thin-set that you can cover in fifteen minutes.

Step 10- Lightly Tap Tiles

Before moving to the next tile, make sure that your installed tile is level. In this regard, you should use a rubber mallet to tap the tiles lightly. Do not forget that too hard taping could break the tiles. If a tile is low, lift it, apply some thin-set and reset.

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Step 11- Remove Excess Thin Set

After installing all tiles, remove the excess thin-set and clean joints. Now, let the tiles fix for 24 hours before placing anything.

After reading these instructions, the tile installation process will become convenient. Regardless of the size and type of tile you choose, our guidelines will help you complete this task accurately and efficiently.

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