FAR-West 2021

Purchase your 'room' to host a private virtual guerrilla showcase on the evening of Friday, October 15th. All showcases this year are streaming online. With your purchase of a room, you also get free airtime during the conference! What that means is, if you provide one 30-second video ad, we will run it 4 times during the event broadcast, giving your room some extra visibility to attendees. Host must be registered for the conference, is responsible for finding performers for their room, and is responsible for providing ad content and marketing material to FAR-West. 

Kris Ahrend
Carey Appel
President of FAR-West
Mariela Arredondo
What Up Pitches
Mariela Arredondo
What Up Pitches
Dayo Ayodele
Erik Balkey
Big Little Lions
Blue Moon Marquee
Harpdog Brown
T. Buckley
Kevin Carr
Stephanie Coronado
Ginger Roots | FARM
James Combs
Laurel Canon
James Combs
Ivan Coyote
The Crescent Sky
Laurie DesJardins
Rachel Garlin
Stephen Bond Garvan
Jean Geiger
Nina Gerber
Susie Glaze
Vice President of FAR-West
Jessica Gramuglia
Condé Nast Entertainment
Lynne Hanson
Bart Herbison
Pi Jacobs
jenn johns
James Kahn
Leftover Cuties
Laurie Lewis
Ian McCartor
Cloud Moss
Dan Navarro
Tracy Newman
Grace Pettis
Rod Picott
Jeff Pooynter
West My Friend
Steve Postell
James Raymond
Kimberly Sinclair
Megan Slankard
Elizabeth Stookey
Bruce Swan
Teresa Tudury
Jennifer Vitanzo
Late Shift Media
Bill Wagman
Dyno Wahl
Wendy Waldman
West My Friend
Mickie Zekley
John Zipperer and the Current Band
Julie Zipperer
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Refund Policy: No refunds offered for this event.

Date and Time

October 14, 2021 5:00pm (PDT) -
October 16, 2021 10:00pm (PDT)

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Refund Policy: No refunds offered for this event.