Photo for Neoworks Inspired Networking featuring Erik Deckers on ViewStub
Photo for Neoworks Inspired Networking featuring Erik Deckers on ViewStub

Neoworks Inspired Networking featuring Erik Deckers

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ViewStub Presents

ViewStub Presents is a virtual event series that helps emerging future leaders like you learn more about new technology, video streaming, live streaming, digital marketing, personal branding, and much more!


Join Neoware Studios for our inaugural networking event with featured speaker, Erik Deckers of Pro Blog Service. Beverages provided!

Catch up with colleagues and friends, leaders and newcomers, growing strong businesses in our Central Florida Community. Join us after work in our Studios to share creative ideas, opportunities, and relaxed, professional connection. Each month will include business news of interest and a featured speaker or technology demo.

Tonight's Presentation:

It's often said that your network is your net worth. That the people you know, and the people who know you, are where you can find your greatest successes.

But your network is more than that. It also includes the people that your friends know. These are the associates, colleagues, partners, and referrals in your own network.

While we're ideally six degrees of separation from everyone else in the world, for many of us, we're just two or three degrees from the people who can help us the most in our businesses.

In our first ever Neoworks Inspired Networking event, professional author and personal branding expert, Erik Deckers, will teach us how to tap into the power of our professional networks to find new clients, new partners, and even new job opportunities.

You'll learn three ways to connect to influencers, two important questions to ask after every meeting, and the one big secret that successful networkers use to scale their efforts.

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