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Family & Young Adult Show - Semifinals

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The second round of our contestants! S.O. Who's Got Talent? A JA Company, located in Southwestern Ontario, welcomes you to the Semifinals!

1. Tom & Pauline Boers (singing & guitar)

2. Ziya Nakagawa (gymnastics)

3. Alia & Yasmeen Syed (singing)  

4. Yichen Zhao (singing & piano)

5. Aine Pucchio, Juliana Kopp & Alissa Askerov - The Triad Band (singing)

6. Nevada Burwell (singing)

7. Kate Arden (singing)

8. Ella Crawford (singing)


Vote for your favourite(s) to put them through to the Finals! Go to menti.com and use the code 8048 4923 to vote! We hope you enjoyed the show!

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Date and Time

April 17, 2021 5:00pm (EDT) -
April 17, 2021 9:00pm (EDT)

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