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Fireside Chat Funding Your Passion

Online Event

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Our virtual keynote speaker will be empowering us through the three P's - People, Process and Plan to help all of us with to become self-aware of our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Jenny Vipperman is the Chief Lending Officer of Vystar Credit Union in jacksonville, FL where she is very instrumental with the City of Jacksonville Small Business Relief Program as well as the SBA's Payment Protection Program.  Jenny states that VyStar Credit Union has other financial counseling and products to help those who are spender's and not savers, along with other products that are available during this current status of our country.  This will be a "HOPE HOUR" experience that you will need to take notes, gather family and friends virtually to be in the room to hear her story, her journey, her role, and how Jenny is position to help you fund your passion by getting your mind and house in organized and in order. " “Leadership is a privilege, but servant leadership is a purpose.”- Jenny Vipperman Chief Lending Officer of Vystar Credit Union, Jacksonville, FL 

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