Venice Music Project Live on the Grand Canal!

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Venice Music Project comes into your living room, live from a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy! Our Season 2020 never was able to launch, due to the lockdown in Italy in late February for Covid-19, so we are launching for you now. We were enchanted by our city, empty of the usual crowds of tourists, and this inspired us to take many photos during our few permitted outings -- trips to the grocery store, to the doctor, or walking the dog. We will be sharing some of these special images and experiences with you, as well as our music!


**** Please check the time zone! This concert goes live at 7pm CEST, which is 6pm GMT, 1pm EDT, and 10am Pacific Time. The concert will be available after live broadcast for 180 days. Please also tune in for our live Backstage Chat starting 30 minutes before the concert at


Picture yourself walking into a Venetian palazzo or opera house. You are about to hear music that was first performed in Venice over 200 years ago, at the height of the Venetian Baroque’s musical splendor. And Venice Music Project have only recently rediscovered much of that music, so you will be among the first to hear it in modern day!

Allow Venice Music Project ensemble to entice you with a musical experience that will transport you back to 17th and 18th century Venice. Recreate the unique Baroque courtly entertainment that was enjoyed by Casanova and his friends in the city's cafès, palaces, opera houses, and churches.

In 2013, a group of internationally acclaimed musicians, hoping to make a difference in this fragile city that is our home, created Venice Music Project. Besides the satisfaction of helping to protect our beloved city and her heritage, we are amazed by the incredible music we are unearthing through musical archaeology. The world truly went mad for Mozart and forgot all the precious music that preceded and inspired him. Composers that he admired are just waiting to be rediscovered, and we are on it!

Since our founding, we have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received from around the world to sustain our mission of providing international-level concerts of Venice’s musical treasures for local subscribers and visitors. While we enjoy a cult following among Baroque music lovers, it is equally satisfying to meet first-time concertgoers after the show who have never been to a classical concert before, but are now big fans!

Join our cheering section, and help these composers find their voices.

We will Ba-ROCK you!

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