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How Can I Add More Revenue To My Agency?

There are few business owners who are content with their agency’s revenue growth. If you are one of them, then congratulations. But, if you are not, then there are ways to increase your agency’s revenue. Here is a blog that discusses how businesses can add more revenue to their agency by partnering with ViewStub.

Dylan Shinholser is one of the founding members of EventMASTERS and he is the Chief Experience Officer at ViewStub. He invited Josh Vengina, the Sr. Business Development Representative of ViewStub to his first-ever popup event, ‘Mastering the Event Business’. Together they discussed how businesses can add more revenue to their agency by partnering with ViewStub.

Let's Learn A Little Bit About Josh

“I’m Josh, from Orlando Florida. I’ve been working for ViewStub for a little over a year…I have 15 years in sales and event experience, leading teams…and driving the best kind of experience for events,” Josh says. “With ViewStub…I love this Agency Model…It really just opens up so many doors and allows us to just experiment…and get creative with ways that we can help our clients and then their clients.”


The agency package at ViewStub is beneficial for everyone. “I get on calls and I talk to these companies, event organizers, production companies and I tell them what the benefits of using our agency model is and more importantly, how they can market it to their clients…Because what they’re going to do is take our product, partner with theirs as a line item…As a separate filing and service and they are going to present it to their clients.”

ViewStub: The Agency Model

Dylan would like Josh to break down what the Agency Model is.


“So basically, it is a subscription model that you can pay for annually or monthly. It’s your preference. It allows you to have sub-accounts and divvy up your accounts and manage them on ViewStub. [It’s] All in one…so you don’t have to have multiple, ya know, softwares all talking to each other or anything like that. It’s all in one hub,” Josh says. “You can do the production. You can manage the ticketing. You can even manage their sub-accounts.”

Benefits Of The Agency Model

There are a lot of event software platforms to choose from. Dylan wants to know why people should choose one?


“For sanity…You’ll lose your mind bouncing back and forth…because there are so many platforms and so many capabilities. If you are able to master one, you can then offer the best service to your clients. You understand the platform. You’re communicating directly with us. If your client has a feature that they want to add, you can talk to us. That’s what we are here for. We’re here to help advance the production and the event experience for you and your clients,” Josh explains. “There is no reason you should need any other platform to host a successful event. Whether it’s in-person or virtually.”


ViewStub has a dedicated team that ensures every event is successful. “That’s one of the great benefits of being an Agency Model…You not only have my personal number…you have your own account manager. All these are benefits that just fall into this same category and you have that customer support and that customer care to where you can utilize the platform and market it.”

The Agency Model: Efficient For Teams

There are so many great features that come with the Agency Model. Dylan was wondering if any more benefits are included or will be included in the future?


The Agency package was designed to be efficient. “We have a team feature on our platform where you can delegate people and give them limited access to different parts of the platform. So, a good example of this is, you can have a team member working on the production side…and then they won’t be able to see all the sales. You can have people checking people in and they’ll see some parts of the platform but not all. So, you can restrict this and delegate…So, you’re not having to manage it all. You’re also not having to give someone the full login to the account which on a lot of the other platforms, unfortunately, you have to for them to be able to have that service.”


The Agency Model: Feedback and Support

Dylan wants to learn more about the flexibility of the platform. More specifically, he wants to know if the platform will support all types of events.


Josh assured that the platform can adapt to any event. “It has to be agnostic. It has to be as versatile as your production team…because your production can go from a car shoot, to a gala, to a wedding, and you have to have a platform that is agnostic just like that.”


Josh is devoted to generating memorable events. “I can help your events in some capacity. I can give you an idea that will benefit your event in some way that you haven’t thought of.”

The White Label Feature

Dylan is familiar with the ‘White Label’ feature available in the Agency Model. It allows customers to broadcast experiences right from their website. They are also able to use their branding. But, Dylan wants to hear why Josh believes this feature is so valuable to customers.

“I think that’s game-changing, right? Because what you are able to then do is not just sell a product but you’re able to sell an experience…You’re able to market yourself in a way that I’ve never seen before…To be able to take the entire platform and its capabilities and then brand that is a game-changer. 1,000%.”

The Agency Model: Create Additional Streams Of Revenue

The Agency Model adds revenue in so many different ways. Dylan asks Josh to elaborate on who will increase their revenue and how.


“The ability to take this software and market it…you can make profit off of that itself. You can sell it as a line item…Also the benefits of the Agency Model is that you get discounted rates on all our features and the revenue share is much lower.”


The newest improvement to the Agency Model empowers customers even more! “[ViewStub is] Soon to release a feature where now you can have an agency ‘Revenue Sharer’ tab. Basically, where you can add your own revenue share to the ticket,” he delves in deeper. “So, ViewStub obviously has to cover its cost of operations…from the cost of streaming…But now, instead of charging the client…a high rate, maybe 3 or 4,000 dollars for a whole event. You can charge them a minimum amount for repetition…500 dollars to set up your event and I want 10% of the ticket share. You can now set that up. This is insane…because now you have an entire platform that you can say, ‘Hey, use it at your leisure. Do you want to create your own event? That’s fine. Send over the information. We’ll create the event..it’s going to cost you 5%’.”

The ViewStub Platform: Built For In-Person And Virtual Experiences

ViewStub is so versatile that it can be used for in-person or virtual events. “You can set up an entirely in-person event. You don’t need any special equipment. It’s all web-based…But you can also have a virtual component last minute. You can make that split-second decision. You can have a completely virtual event and then [at] the last minute you can decide…’We want to go in person because we’re allowed to. We want to put an unlimited capacity on the attendees that are actually going to attend in-person’ You can do all of this.”


“This is dire to the foundation that we provide which is exclusivity amongst our agency clients…We make you guys feel special and if you don’t feel special. You call me directly and we will make something happen.”

The Agency Model Ensure Successful Events

As the digital reality changes, it takes time and effort to educate people on the latest innovations. We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the Agency Model. It’s a great place to start for anyone looking to learn about the Agency Model at ViewStub. 

We hope that this blog post helped you understand the benefits of using the Agency Model and what it has to offer. Please feel free to reach out to us at ViewStub.com/company/contact. We would love to hear from you!

Before we conclude, Josh left everyone with one final thought. “Events are back. Don’t wait to have an event. You have nothing to lose.”

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