Frequently Asked Questions

Is ViewStub right for me?

ViewStub is for any one with valuable video content for the world to see. Whether you are a event organizer or a regular content creator, you can use the ViewStub platform to grow your brand & have full control over your video content.

How do I create a video on ViewStub marketplace?

To create a video, just log in or sign up today. Then you will go to the Create page located at the top and enter yours details such as title, price, description and other small details.

Can I upload videos?

Yes! You can upload previously recorded videos to sell on the marketplace. You create a gig, fill out your details and click the upload feature will it will ask you to pick a video file to upload to our site.

What type of Cameras can I use to Live Stream?

You can use Apple iPhone or Android with a app & any camera that has a USB or live mode.

Can I directly talk to other users?

You can directly message creators to ask them questions and engage with other users in a live chat while the video is playing.

How do I get paid?

Creators make 80% of their ticket revenue.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.