Fashion in the City 2021

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Day Three Designer Showcase held at Federico Beauty Institute
Get your front row tickets as we take you back to 2016 to view the virtual fashion shows of your choice. As we step into the next era of virtual productions and social events, we're excited to kick off this new platform where the possibilities are endless. DMR looks forward to bringing in this new chapter with all of our most stylish followers anxiously watching at the click of a mouse.

1:00 PM Hagen Valencia
1:15 PM Jose Rual Rosales
1:30 PM Christy Jahlea Jahlou
1:45 PM Kirsi Sasso
2:00 PM Seekham Thao & Leo Tillis
2:15 PM Amal Iqbal

Featured Showcase 2015 captured at the California Automobile Museum
2:30 PM Mai Vang
2:45 PM Kimberly Eanes
3:00 PM R. Douglas

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