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Growing Smarter, Not Harder

Dylan Shinholser was ecstatic to welcome everyone to the first-ever pop-up event, ‘Mastering the Event Business’ hosted by EventMASTERS and powered by ViewStub.

Dylan is a very busy human. He is one of the founding members of EventMASTERS. He is also the Chief Experience Officer of ViewStub. Outside of ViewStub, he is the Chief Visionary of his event management company, Experience Events.

This event is all about asking questions, taking notes, and learning how to grow and scale any event business.

First Things First: Learn To Navigate The ViewStub Platform

To kick things off, Dylan takes the listeners on a grand tour of the ViewStub platform.

First, he explains where the ‘Media Tab’ is located and how to access the content for each day of the event.

Following that, he points out the ‘Communications Tab’. This feature allows attendees to communicate during the event. It includes a live chat, polls, and a place to ask questions.

Next, he highlights the ‘Sponsor Booths’. This feature allows people to connect with sponsors. The ViewStub team is also in this section and is ready to help people learn more about the software.

The EventMASTERS booth is available in this section as well. This is where people can join the MASTERMIND and EventMASTERS community.

Lastly, the ‘Call to Action’ tab is indicated by the megaphone icon. The other features are self-explanatory. If there are any questions, support@Viewstub.com is there to provide additional support.

Dylan notices there are so many new people. He can see this by looking at the analytics feature on ViewStub. He kindly invited everyone to join the EventMASTERS Community.

Now that Dylan has laid out the foundation for the platform, it is time to dive into the mission of this event.

Welcome EventMASTERS!

Dylan begins by explaining why this event has been put together.


“We’ve rolled out this entire idea of a movement. More so than just a community. It’s a movement. It’s an idea to help and compel and transform eventprofs into event masters. And what I mean by that is, everyone and anyone can be an event prof. That’s just a job title. But the difference between being the best in this industry and becoming an event master is the mindsets. And the principles. And the ideologies. And the ways of living…That’s what we’re about here at…EventMASTERS and also ViewStub.”


“We not only take an approach to elevate your craft and your skill sets but we take an approach to grow your business and scale your business…We also take an approach to help you grow and gain a large influential network so everything else can run in balance. Because if you don’t have friends, you don’t have a business. If you don’t have a business, you don’t have a craft and skills.”


To support the EventMASTERS movement, there is an exciting announcement during this session. “We are rolling out the MASTERMIND here in a few weeks. So, those of you on the waitlist, you’ve been waiting long enough. For those of you who joined the waitlist this week, or during this event…I promise by the end of this…I’ll present one of the best offers by the end of this on the planet.”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

“Everything leading up to the creation of EventMASTERS…has been done based on the idea of growing smarter and not harder. And what I mean by that is…this whole idea of mentorship and coaching and learning from people who have done what I want,” Dylan says. “I’m going to explain my story a little bit. Years and years ago, I started a marketing agency. I didn’t know anything about building a marketing agency. All I knew was that I was decent at marketing and I had some relationships. Outside of that, I knew nothing!… So…I paid someone money to teach me everything that they know…I got a course. I got a community. I got sessions with that person and that person helped me create, develop and maintain the marketing business the three years I owned it.”

The quickest way to success is to find someone who has already done what you would like to do. “I was doing everything this guy was telling me and I sped up my…line to success because I was listening to someone who already walked the path I was trying to walk.”

Dylan described another personal experience. “Years ago I started doing real estate. I know nothing about real estate!…I found a community and a group and 2 individuals who were willing to teach me everything they know…This is what they had been doing for years. They had been buying and selling real estate using non of their own money…So, instead of me figuring out how to do it myself, I simply joined the community and asked them how to do it…I did what they said to do…20 real estate deals later, it was all off the information that I gained off these two gentlemen.”

There is power in building relationships. “You see where I’m going with the power of mentors?…I’ve done the same thing inside my event business which leads us here my friends….All 9, 10, 11 of these speakers that you’re going to see throughout this event are all people I would love as a human to be mentored by. They have built what I would deem…a very successful business in this industry.”

Mentors Are Everywhere

Mentors are clearly beneficial. They provide so much knowledge and resources but how does someone get a mentor?

“There’s two ways. 1. You pay for it…There’s a lot of folks out there that will teach you everything you need to know in exchange for that dollar amount. So, I think that starts with you internally…How much is your personal development and mentorship worth?…Are you willing to spend the money?”


“The other side of that, that has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars is, when I go to create those relationships, I don’t go into it as a take, take, take…I just simply found a problem they needed solved and I can solve it for them. Are you always the one who has to solve it for them? No. You just have to know people who can solve their problem.”

The Power of Mentorship: Ask Questions. Listen. Apply.

Listen and apply the advice from mentors. “The next thing that most people struggle with is an application…Part of a mentorship program is doing it and that mentor will inevitably hold you accountable and help you get there faster and if you come to a roadblock, they’ll help you solve them and everything.”

Mentorship: The Highway to Success

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how mentors are the highway to success. Dylan’s insight really resonated with us. We hope it resonated with you too! 


If you are interested in the EventMASTERS mentorship, please text us “EventMASTERS’ to 407 – 214 – 5335


Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!


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