Creative Approach: A Virtual Summit Integrating Improv Across Industries

3 days with global international experts from improv and beyond. We explore the application of improv techniques in life and business. Panels, workshops and solutionising events will cover the harnessing of creativity, agility, collaboration, presence and communication.

An event organised by organised improvisers. We merge silly and serious, thoughtful and theatrical, and guarantee you an UN-conference. No flyers, no 100-page PowerPoints. We invite queries, we create space for all voices. And our ultimate goal is to support you and make you look good, have you leave the exit shiny and inspired.

Our 72hr nonstop global event will dip in and out of "active" and "passive" participation. The programme offers a mixture of events for active involvement, where you can ask questions and get that hamster 🐹 on a wheel in your brain really running! And, to give your noggin' a break, we'll delight you with amazing shows by renowned, and phenomonally skilled performers, and finally (finally!) offer some kickass networking in a virtual space. You WILL leave with great contacts, new friends and functional icebreakers you can lift and shift for your purposes.

We bring speakers from business, performance, academia, medicine and more. You will explore through the eyes of the improviser and learn how to use our techniques and perspective to gain agility, traction and momentum for all jobs, geographies and scenarios. A focus on investigating challenges and perspectives, and obtaining tangible learnings and outcomes.


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Date and Time

March 25, 2021 5:00pm (PDT) -
March 28, 2021 5:00pm (PDT)

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