Understand Your Human Design & Soul Signature Frequency Chart, ZenJen Pinkstone & Rex Bear

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Get ready to 💥ACTIVATE💥 your full potential as a human on Planet Earth!

Human Design is a powerful tool that draws upon Ancient Wisdom throughout the Ages:


While ALSO incorporating modern Innovations & Technologies:


Get ready for ZenJen to reveal powerful aspects through Profile Lines in your Human Design Blueprint!

We’re excited to invite you to participate with us LIVE
to illumine the Energetics that make You Uniquely You!

Join us July 29th at 7pm MST/8pm CST for an evening you won't want to miss!
It'll be a Deep Dive into your Soul Signature Frequency you’ll never forget.

It’s going to change your perspective of your entire life…
Past, Present AND Future!...Guaranteed!

Get your ticket NOW!
Only 50 people will gain access into this room.
Make sure you are one of them!

You’ll Receive:
💥Your Unique Human Design Bodygraph in Advance of the Event (email ZenJen upon purchase of ticket)
💥Your Individualized Profile Lines Explained in Vivid Detail
💥Answers to Your Questions in the Q&A Chatbox
💥Access to the Replay for 60 days after
💥+Exclusive Window to meet with ZenJen personally for MORE illumination of your Unique Soul Signature Frequency!

💥Don’t wait! Sign up now!💥
We can’t wait to see you there!

Date and Time

July 29, 2023 7:00pm - 9:00pm (MDT)

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