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The Leak Project Presents: A Special event!


Rex Bear Hosts


with world renowned expert Astrologer, Mark Lerner


Limited Tickets Available Online

July 19, 2023

9pm EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT & 6pm PDT


Just 100 Seats! Get yours before they sell out! This event is online via Zoom. Ticket purchase includes a downloadable recording of the show.


Ticket holders can email questions before the show and during the event.


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$42 / Ticket

PayPal & Credit Cards Accepted


90-Minute Online via Zoom


Theme of the show…


The Truth About Astrology, Understanding Your Life Purpose, & Fulfilling Your Higher Destiny


Some Astrology Topics Mark Plans to Discuss


  • Compatibility Issues between people's Sun signs and Moon signs, and if they know their charts -- Venus and Mars signs particularly regarding love, romance and marriage.


  • Opportunity Cycles for Success and Happiness via what astrologers call Transits and Progressions -- how the Sun, Moon and planets keep influencing all of our birth charts. Plus, how the sky cycles themselves -- which I have been writing about for 42 years, the Astrology Cosmic Kalendar (my App) -- also profoundly influence all of our birth charts and future destiny patterns.


  • How/Why does Astrology really work?


  • How Tarot & Astrology are deeply connected via the 22 Major Arcana Cards each associated with the Sun, Moon, 8 Planets and the 12 Zodiacal Signs, and how the 56 suit cards relate to the 4 elements in Astrology, Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
  • A Key question for Everyone: If we accept reincarnation as real, that we are soul-spirits who keep returning to earthly lives, then can we see past-lives or past-life themes in each of our horoscopes?


  • The Subject of New and Full Moons, Eclipses and Major Planetary Alignments, and what do they mean, and how do they influence each of us as well as our communities, businesses, creative artistry, states and countries, and humanity as a species on Mother Earth.


  • What really is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, astrologically and astronomically?


  • What were the astrological beliefs of ancient cultures, societies and civilizations? Were Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid, the Ancient Temples, sacred sites and vortexes really connected to stars and constellations? What are the primary connections between ETs and the evolution of Humanity on Earth, and have the ETs been teaching us over the millennia the subjects of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and other esoteric subjects?

Questions during the show…


Ticket holders can email questions before the show and during the event, but the questions need to pertain to How and Why Astrology works and/or astrological subjects, and not questions about your birth chart and personal cycles.


Rex Bear (The Leak Project) and Astrologer Mark Lerner (Great Bear Enterprises) invite you to join them in the first-ever Truth about Astrology show to be held on Wednesday July 19, 2023.

Since this is a Ticket-Holder Only Special Event, with a 100-person Limited Participation, please read all the important information below and sign up soon while tickets are still available!


Important Show Details

Wed. July 19th (9pm EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT & 6pm PDT)


Limited to 100 Tickets for the 90-minute event online via Zoom. This event will also be recorded and available via download with your purchase.  If you miss the event as a ticket holder, you can still access the event online or download it or both.


Tickets cost $42 and can be paid for using PayPal or Credit Cards. An email confirmation will be sent upon successful purchase.


Please note: If there is some kind of Internet outage on July 19, the show will occur 24 hours or 48 hours later at exactly the same starting times – depending on when the Internet outage has been fixed.


Make sure you tune-in LIVE or watch the recording to experience this exciting show and claim your discounts for astrology services…



Any online order placed during the 3 days after the live event of $89 and above, Mark Lerner is offering a complimentary 30-minute 3-card Tarot Reading Recording, using Tarot of Ra, Inner Child Cards, Baseball Tarot or The New Palladini Tarot Deck, your choice!


Recording can be sent to a Ticket Holder’s email address to listen to the 3 cards chosen. Emails will be verified against the ticket-holder list.

We look forward to your joining us for our first Special Event!

Rex Bear
Mark Lerner

Date and Time

July 20, 2023 7:00pm - 9:00pm (MDT)

Event Location


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