Final Day, Sunday! Top Doctor Magazine Health, Wealth & Self Summit-Four Seasons BrIckell, MIAMI

Event Details

Join us for an AMAZING Live & Virtual event:

With the unique combination of medical, financial, and personal knowledge being presented, attendees will come out of the three-day event as a better version of their whole selves. While the event is directed to the medical , entrepreneurs and business  community, registration is open to the public as there is something to be gained by everyone in attendance either virutually or in person. You will learn what it takes to achieve a better quality of life .



Your Expert Speakers Scheduled for this Event

Omar Periu

40+ Years Serial Entrepreneur,
25x Author, Co-Founder LA Fitness


Patrick Ziemer

Best-Selling Author of P.E.M.F.
and Industry Icon


Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM

Innovator, World Renowned
Animal Health & Longevity Expert

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Author, Educator, Researcher
Entrepreneur & Speaker



Joseph Krieger

President & Founder, Boston BioLife



Mark Gordon, MD, FACC

Incorporating A Healthy Mindset,
Lifestyle Choices, Biohacking,
Coaching & Consulting



Paul Barattiero

22yr Veteran Speaker And
Founder Of Synergy Science



Dr. Robert Bard

Diagnostic Imaging Specialist
in Advanced 3-D Sonography


Caroline M. Stites, MS, ND

CEO & Founder Of VibraGenix



Dr. Ian White

Founder/Chief Scientific Officer, Neobiosis
The American College of Regenerative Medicine, Vice Chairman & Member of the Board of Directors


Coach Terry Robiskie

Retired NFL Head Coach &
Super Bowl Champion


Beth Feldman

Getting Booked On TV Circuits


Mark Sher

Author, Speaker &
Financial Expert

Eric Stoller

CEO of Champion Mindset Events

Douglas D. Grant

BS, ACSM, Nutritionist, and
of Optimal Health Systems

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Thomas Muehlbauer

Inventor, Co-Founder &
Chief Marketing Officer

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Danielle J. Forsgren

Expert in Sales & Marketing
for 30 years, Company's
Top salesperson & Vice
President of Sales & Marketing

Damon Parker

Retired Marine Pilot
Wealth & Business Strategist


Dr. Richard Pither

CEO at Cytox
Senior Executive with
over 20 Years of Experience


Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

Founder & Executive Director
of Rajeunir Medical Center



Gary Kiss

CEO of Alkywan Technologies USA


Paul Magistri

Founder, Co-CEO Brain Health Sciences
Financial Expert & Marketing Strategist



Matthew Gillogly

CEO of Calorina Men's Clinic,
Entrepreneur &
Former PGA Golf Professional



Date and Time

Starting June 03, 2022 4:00pm (EDT)

Event Location

Four Seasons Hotel, Brickell Miami
1435 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA

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