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Facebook Live Talk Symbols of Hate Nazi Terror and Deception

Online Event

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The swastika, the Heil Hitler salute, the SS skull and crossbones: All of these symbols of hate were used by the Nazis to support their racist ideology, promote antisemitism, and ostracize. To better understand how the Nazis used these symbols to advance their ideology of hate, join Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust Vice President of Education & Exhibits Jordanna Gessler for a virtual look at our “Symbols of Hate” exhibit. Topics to be discussed include:

• The history of symbols such as the swastika and how the Nazis appropriated them

• The meaning of the Nazi rallying cry “blood and soil”

• Hitler’s “cult of personality”

• Nazi racial ideology and racial propaganda

• How Nazi symbols and rhetoric are used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis today


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