Black Daughter

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MAY 25 - JUNE 6, 2021 ONLINE


Alten Wilmot | Creator

Allison Ference | Collaborator

Alex Batycki | Collaborator

Maria Krotiris | Collaborator

Colton West | Director of Cinematography 

Michele Wilmot | Musician

Carol Ditner-Wilson | Musician

Ivana Quehl | Composer (Five Miniatures for Solo Piano, 2009)


6 Months…

26 Weeks…

182.5 Days…


I’ve waited and waited for you to enter this world.

To see your beautifully glistening eyes, giving way into the gold at the heart of your soul.

To see your silky blemished skin as it learns to breathe in this new world.

This drier world.

This brighter world.


I’ve waited to see your destiny.

To perceive the shell that encloses your beauty.

The shell that will be perceived and eminently evaluated to determine your place in this world.

The direction of your path.


I’ll keep waiting.


Did you know a baby’s skin colour does not set until around 6 months?


Black Daughter is a dance film by Alten Wilmot that portrays the love and suspense of an interracial Father, waiting for the colour of his newborn daughter’s skin to set.  Exploring themes of parenting, interracial children, and custody, this twenty minute film will leave you with the urge to reach out and embrace your loving parents and/or children.


Acknowledgement: This film is generously supported by the KW Community Foundation's Arts & Sustainability Fund.

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Date and Time

May 25, 2021 6:15am (EDT) -
June 06, 2021 11:00pm (EDT)

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