WEIGHTLESS | Unwrap Theatre 2024

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After premiering live in Waterloo and the Toronto Beaches, Grace Rockett's hilariously moving short film, WEIGHTLESS, is now available for streaming!


Weightless follows a young woman struggling with her relationship to food (and a horrific UTI), who must overcome her anxiety during a first date. 


Playing Feburary 12th - 26th, ONLINE



Runtime: 15 minutes



WEIGHTLESS was created by Grace Rockett as a part of Unwrap Theatre's Producing Mentorship program. 

Acknowledgement: These films are made possible with the support of the Government of Canada and the Musagetes Fund at the KW Community Foundation.  The live event is made possible with the support of SPECTRUM; Waterloo Region's Rainbow Community Space, The Bliss Minute, Balmy Beach Canoe Club, Beach Lions Club, Sugar Media Inc. , Dulcinella and Still Images. As well as donations for the event from The Body Shop, Tori's Bakeshop, The Big Carrot, PowerYoga, The Pink Studio, Belgian Chocolate Shop and Your Independent Grocer. 

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