BLUE LIGHT GLASSES | A Short Film by Aveleigh Keller | Unwrap Theatre 2021

Event Details

NOVEMBER 11 - 21, 2021 ONLINE



Aveleigh Keller | Story, Screenplay, Director, Editor

Emily Masurkevitch | Actor

Sara Macmillan - Stahmer | Actor

Keenan Smits | Actor

Declan Rolph | Director of Photography

Bronwen Spolsky | Sound Designer


Power couple Paul and Quinn have an immense following on Youtube and Instagram with their #couplegoals content. 

But when their breakup gets ugly, Quinn retreats to her childhood home. Feeling like a failure and falling deeper and deeper into depression, Quinn tries to answer the question: 

When your entire identity and career depend on a relationship, who are you when it ends?


Acknowledgement: This film is generously supported by the KW Community Foundation's Arts & Sustainability Fund.

Date and Time

Starting November 10, 2021 6:15pm (EST)

Event Location


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