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World Artists United

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WANNA LEVEL UP? MAKE MONEY W/ MUSIC ? TOUR THE PLANET ? SYNC YOUR MUSIC IN TV, FILM & GAMES ? LEARN FROM ME MASTERS & GAIN THE STRATEGY + NETWORK .... GET PAID FOR YOUR PASSION AND EAT FROM YOUR DREAM? Buy a PASS, Change YOUR FUTURE Success coaches, seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders in the business of music invite you to experience 2 days of workshops, talks and networking that will give you the tools and strategies to take your career and mindset to the next level. You'll leave with a 2020 gameplan, solid direction for your career, the inspiration to push beyond, and a network of artrepreneurs to learn and grow with you along the way. MEcon was designed as the missing link for music business success; to unite a global community of rising leaders around the business of music who are looking for systems and strategies to take their business to the next level. MECON helps entrepreneurs build brands that fans love, and a fan relations plan that puts money where the music is!

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