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The ViewStub Scanner

Clear the lines & get your attendees in the door quickly with our on-site QR scanner. 
No need to keep your attendees waiting. The ViewStub QR Scanner is perfect for venues looking to get attendees inside hassle-free. Simply scan their ticket & fill the crowd.

Control Access & Get Attendees in the Door Quickly

Our Scanner is built for easy on-site access control.
No matter how many lines, event teams & venues can quickly validate tickets and get your attendees inside with ease. Our scanner is web-based, so it can be used on any device with access to the internet. Our scanner helps solve problems organizers face when lines back up outside of the venue. Our ticketing software & scanner are inter-connected, so attendees are checked in or out in seconds. 
Take a deep breath and get that massive line inside with time to spare.
QR Scanner

Your Guests Will Thank You

  • Remove the hassle of obtaining additional ticket holder information. If the ticket scans, their information is authenticated & located in your account hub.
  • No need for a thumbprint – tickets can’t be duplicated or scanned twice.   
  • After the event is over you’ll have valuable data around your attendees. Check who all arrived, & when they showed up.  

Crowd Control Has Never Been Easier

Web-Based Checkin System

Our check-in system is so easy to use, all you need is access to the internet. Scan thousands of tickets at the door with confidence.

Secure Access Control

Remove the stress of fake tickets & ticket sharing. Our scanner is secure, reliable, & tied directly to each attendee in your account hub. 

Attendance Data

Collect valuable data, see exactly who showed up, & how long they stayed. Predict wait times at the door, & optimize your event process.

Crowd Control Made Easy