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ViewStub Success Story: Top 1% Mastermind

Top 1% Mastermind Nets Over $154k in Online Tickets

Top 1% Mastermind is an industry coaching event created by Steve Patrick a strategic advisor, consultant, contractor/PA coach and the author of the contractor-acclaimed book ‘Win the Claim Game by Leveling the Playingfield.’ His Top 1% Mastermind events are focused on GCO&P (General Contractors Overhead & Profit) and considered the most comprehensive for insurance restoration in the roofing industry.

The events are typically hosted in-person in cities across the US, but they moved the events to digital in the spring of 2020. Event Marketing Director for Top 1% Mastermind, Cullen Stack, shares tips on planning online events.

ViewStub enabled them to pivot quickly, hosting these events seamlessly for their audiences in the ViewStub Marketplace. Additionally, they hosted an in-person GCO&P course utilizing ViewStub’s ticketing for the event.



Business coaching events for the roofing industry

Steve Patrick is a strategic advisor, consultant, contractor/PA coach and the author of the contractor-acclaimed book ‘Win the Claim Game by Leveling the Playing Field.’ Steve is a top-rated speaker at a number of national conventions and conferences on many topics related to insurance restoration contractors and PAs dealing with claims adjusters.

Steve is well known for his practical application of high-quality content. He is widely recognized throughout the industry as a coach to contractors, PAs and plaintiff attorneys across the nation how to overcome unreasonable, uncooperative and even unscrupulous carriers.

“ViewStub streamlines registration and ticketing to make it easy for my attendees, in a reasonably priced virtual event solution.”

Cullen Stack
Top 1% Mastermind


Events in a series




Net Revenue

The Challenge

Steve Patrick’s organization had several events scheduled in 2020. They needed a way to continue to host these high value events while restricting access to only registered attendees.

Event branding and the perceived value of the event was critical to their success. They had previously only held the events physical locations, so converting them to virtual was also a learning curve.

ViewStub’s customer success team quickly jumped in and coached them along the way – they didn’t miss a beat.

The Solution

  • Events were hosted on the ViewStub Marketplace

  • ViewStub advanced ticketing

  • High-quality streaming production, supporting multi-camera streams

  • The event was streamed live, with integrated clips added for production value

  • On-demand replay was set up – to continue to sell the event after the live event

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