Queens Underground February & April Black History Month Film Festival

Queens Underground - Virtual Platform Open from April 13th through 30th Features the Best of the Best Independent Filmmakers, Music, Dance, Poetry Videos, Web Series Episodes and Red Carpet footage from the In-Person Festival on April 8th and 9th in Jamaica, Queens, NY.

More footage will be uploaded over the next few days - you may feel like you were there.

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From Block A through Block I -each Block is filled with Films and Videos largely of similar theme.  The Category Winners are indicated as well. Then there's the All Access Pass where you can see the projects within every block.

Download the Playbill for the full list and extra stuff.

BLOCK A - G Rated

  • ADVENTURES, Allegra Earle 
  • The Picnic, Abigail Bogle 
  • nZinga's Spectrum In 3D, nZinga Austin 
  • It Started With Us, George Kevin Trim 
  • Bold Mynds: Black History Presentation, Abigail Bogle
  • The Story Of Anaya Mae and Gwog, Branick Green
  • The Box In The Basement Feature Film, Mike Fox
  • It Started With Us (Episode 2: The Maroon Presence)
  • Maroon Island, Peter Gibbs
  • Becoming Black Lawyers, Evangeline M. Mitchell

BLOCK B - Drama

  • The Acts Of Life, Felix Crumbsy
  • The Key,    Keisong, Keith Powell
  • One Way In No Way Out, Malcolm S. Boyd
  • #ISJF,  Joe Jennings Jr. 
  • Gramps Moving On   (WINNER BEST SHORT)
  • Mishandled, Samatha Marie Ware 
  • The Tree and The Hummingbird, Pam R. Johnson 
  • Mishandled, Samantha Marie Ware
  • Lowercase i, Del Potter 
  • Vex - Bad Timing (Trailer), Dwayne Parker
  • To Feel Loved II, Angela Perkins
  • Tsunami, Joel Shafer

BLOCK C   -Poetry & Music

  • His-Story, Hattress
  • Identify, Sabreen   (Contains Nudity)
  • Latino With Soul, Mutha Wildflower
  • Her, She    , Chanelle Anelique   (Partial Nudity)
  • Unbroken, Suswana Chowdhury    
  • The Tree And The Hummingbird, Pam R. Johnson Davis
  • Free- Beyond The Borders, Manuela Cutolo
  • How Power Looks, Phineas Alexander
  • Evolve, John Christopher
  • Welcome Black, Curtis Brown
  • Close To You, Valencia Scott Bey
  • Skool Yah, J. Gino Cyrus     (WINNER BEST POETRY)
  • Posers, Dimitri D. Kwenda, Daniel Semulema
  • Poetry 101, Mr. Orange Live

BLOCK D   -Intense  (Drama & Full Length Documentary)

  • The Well, Gerald "Bam" Whaley   (BEST DIRECTOR)
  • Black Daddy The Movie , Damon Jamal Tayler   (BEST DOCUMENTARY)
  • In Vein, Ray Loot    (WINNER BEST HORROR OCT. 2021)


  • Supply & Demand, Glenn A. McBride, Jr.
  • First & Last, Kareen Brown
  • Bucket Of Conscience, Tiffany Dawnn Washington   (BEST ACTRESS)
  • After The Equinox, Alvaro Franco
  • Going For Gold, Jazz Lintott
  • Evil Mime, Ivan Sutikno
  • Three King, David Bellantoni


  • A Beautiful Struggle: The Man & The Madness, Jonathan G. Green, Brandon Williams
  • Masterjam, James Curry
  • Becoming Black Lawyers, Evangeline M. Mitchell


  • The Nine O'Clock Whistle, Willa Cofield, Karen Riley
  • America This, America That, Darius "Nastyelgi" Jackson, Ali Bervine


  • America This, America That,, Darius "Nastyelgi" Jackson, Ali Bervine
  • Black To The Future, Jonathan Ismael Diaby, Daniel-Julien Inac
  • Closure, Garry Guerrier  (TWO BITS: BEST ACTOR)
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar: An American Poet, Kane Stratton
  • Which Line Are You In, Cookie Carson


  • First Week Out, Charles Fritschner
  • Going For Gold, Jazz Lintott
  • Loxley, Tome Gorelik, Lani Halliday
  • 9 Wives, Federick Hawthorne
  • His-Story, Hattress


Dollar 2 The Rich, Lewis T. Powell



Stay Tuned, The Rest Of Movies WIthin Each Block will be added shortly along with many of the Red Carpet Interviews!! 






Date and Time

Starting April 13, 2022 12:00pm (EDT)

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