Queens Underground Black and Brown Film Festival

Welcome to Queens Underground Film Festival where all Categories and Genres share the Big Screen - Anyone from Anywhere can Submit.

We present you to the most talented Indie Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Artists and Entrepreneurs from around the World with Movie Shorts/Full Length, Music, Dance, Poetry Videos, Web Series Episodes, Small Business and Organizational PSAs.

In-Person Festival DATES: April 16, 17 and 18th In Person in Jamaica, Queens, NY
Virtual Dates: Begin on April 16th

As we're also an In-Person Film Festival, the Live Performances, Guest Speakers, Red Carpet Interviews and some audience footage is added to the Virtual Platform so that you don't miss any of the 4-Days of Outdoor Excitement (live footage uploaded later).

This Season is extra special due to expanse of Submissions that you'll have the opportunity to view! The Talent from everywhere is simply extraordinary and you can tell by the movie posters.  You can view many at https://www.queensunderground718.com

Who Are We?
We're a small close-knit group of Creatives who go together to fulfil the needs of many.  Rather than have to choose between one type of event or another - we rolled all of into one multi-day event and to our own surprise - all types of Creatives and Entrepreneurs showed up! Many keep coming back every season because we're all about the Indie Filmmaker, Creative and Entrepreneur who has Talent, Heart, a Vision and Drive - but not necessarily the resources or platform.  Year after Year, we're amazed, impressed and rejuvenated by the exceptional story telling, visuals, music and editing that we experience. 

Can you truly tell a full and complete story in under 25 minutes? Yes, you can. And the Music, Dance and Poetry Videos are fun and filled with lyrics of substance that you can dance to where you are.  The Web Series Episodes are engrossing and the Business Commercials and PSAs are even fun, because unlike primetime TV Commercials - you feel as though you're seeing the heart and soul of each business.  We could go on and on, but we won't - We simply invite you to Join The Indie Movement by Watching, Sending in Comments and even making a Donation so that we can continue supporting all of this Talent and adding the additional resources that they both need and deserve. 

Enjoy the Shows and do send in a comment, we can't wait to hear your opinion!
The Queens Underground Team, 

By the way, the name comes from the area in which we live and work: Queens, NY, USA

Make sure that you use Google Chrome or any updated Broswer to access the Virtual Festival.  You won't be able to aqccess from an iPad and not from all cell phones.  

IN-PERSON TICKETS for Jamaica, Queens, NY  11432:

Are available on our website: QueensUnderground718.com



Visit our website: QueensUnderground718.com


Date and Time

More Details Coming Soon

Event Location

Jamaica, Queens, NY, USA

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