Queens Underground October 2021 Film Fest -Available on Halloween

Event Details

Queens Underground is back with the newest October Season, In-Person and Virtual featuring Hispanic Heritage Month and our 1st Ever Annual Halloween Costume Ball with Prizes for the Best Male & Female Costumes.

Available to Watch beginning the Evening of October 29th there are Films and Videos from 9 Countries, we cross all Genres to bring you some of the worlds best Indepenedent Filmmakers with Amazing Stories to share, including Animation and Claymation Shorts.

Based in the Historic Neigbhorhood of Southeast Queens, New York, we're known for Legendary Musicians and Artists. 

Film Festivals every October, November and February / April with the Black History Month Film Festival and end of April with the National Poetry Association Film Festival, Slam and Expo. Stay in touch by joining the Mailing list ion https://www.queensunderground718.com

Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com

In-person tickets may also be purchased at: https://www.queensunderground718.com/queensundergroundfilmfesttickets.html

REMINDER: Check your Equipment.  You cannot view from an Ipad and most Cell Phones.  Up-to-date Desktops or Laptops are suggested.  If you are not able to screen, please send us an email and we will respond when we return on October 26th. Refunds are not issued, however, we will work with th Engineers to do our best to reslove the issue. 

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